Canada Borehole Lithology Intervals

Data related to borehole lithology intervals for boreholes in Canada, obtained by the Canadian Geothermal Data Compilation. The data table includes general information on the location of the borehole, location uncertainty, related resources and remarks, consisting of 4,395 logs. Citations are included in the dataset. Members of the Geothermal Group of the Earth Physics Branch (1962-1986) have undertaken a comprehensive compilation of the data generated over the last 40 years. A data system has been designed to accommodate data of many different types and different formats. The data have been assembled from several different digital data sets, paper files, and field note-books. Data processing to load and aggregate delimited text data from the OFR into a database, and web service deployment by SM Richard and Christy Caudill.

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Citation Date 2014-01-24T01:31:43Z

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Name Alan M. Jessop, V.S.Allen, Wanda Bentkowski, Margo Burgess, Malcolm Drury, Alan S. Judge, Trevor Lewis,Jacek Majorowicz, Jean-Claude Mareschal, and Alan E. Taylor
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Organization Geological Survey of Canada and Geothermal Group of the Earth Physics Branch

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Name Leah Musil
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Organization Arizona Geological Survey

Geographic Extent

North Bound 60.413852350465
South Bound 49.837982453085
East Bound -91.23046875
West Bound -133.41796875